Have you ever been an hour into a road trip or on your way to the airport and suddenly realized you forgot to lock the front door, print boarding passes, pack a swimsuit, or bring your sunglasses? Whatever it may be, amongst the chaos of packing your own items, let alone your kid’s items, everyone always forgets to bring something. This is why we’ve put together a quick guide highlighting the top 10 things to bring on your Vacay Hill Country vacation.

The location of your Vacay Hill Country vacation home will determine much of what you end up packing. However, there are universal vacation items that are essential to any vacation. Below is a list of items that you won’t want to forget when packing for your Vacay Hill Country vacation.

1. Prepare Your Home
While this is not something you take along, it is very important. Turn off the lights, pay your bills, contact your dog watcher, leave the hideaway key where it should be, lock the doors, and do any other preparation your home requires. You are vacating your home and when you come home, you want to be stress-free.

2. ID, Cash, and Credit Card
Forgot your ID, let’s hope there are no activity reservations that require identification. Forgot cash? Better know where the ATM is. Forgot a card? Let’s hope you brought that cash! No matter where you are or what happens, having your ID, cash, and a credit or debit card will just about always get you out of most situations. The night before your trip, put all three items into a ziplock bag and put it somewhere you won’t forget.

3. Travel Documents
Travel documents can be anything from passports and plane tickets, itineraries to activities and reservations. In another ziplock bag, place these items in a bag you will have at all times.

4. Prescriptions and Toiletries
Taking care of our bodies and personal hygiene is critical to feeling good and maintaining a healthy body. The last thing you want when you’re on vacation is to worry if the local pharmacy has the allergy medicine and toiletries you or your kids need.

5. Electronics: IPad, Kindle/Reading Material, and Charging Cords
Need to wind down after a big day? Pull out your book or Kindle and dive into your favorite story. Are kids acting up on hour one of a six-hour road trip? Hand them the IPad and headphones. These items can be a lifesaver, just be sure you have a way to charge them.

6. Camera
The time you spend on a vacation is one that will be lush with special memories of your family and friends. Vacay Hill Country goes above and beyond to ensure memorable experiences by providing localized knowledge of all the best things to do. Make sure your phone camera is working or be sure to bring a camera along to capture those precious moments.

7. Sunglasses
We use sunglasses just about every day. Don’t miss your chance to show off your favorite pair by leaving them on your dresser at home.

8. Bathing Suit
It’s pretty well-known that some of the best vacation memories are made on or near a body of water. Just about all Vacay Hill Country properties either have or have access to a hot tub, pool, lake, river, or ocean. Take advantage of the location of our properties and be sure to pack your swimsuit!

9. Sunscreen
The majority of Vacay Hill Country properties are situated in beautiful areas that receive a lot of sunshine. Much like sunglasses and bathing suits, sunscreen is a small item that can be purchased while on vacation but, you’ll save money for other vacation extras by packing your own.

10. Something Personal
Everyone has a special feel-good something that we love having along when heading somewhere new. For some, it’s a camera. For others, it may be a fun game, a favorite coffee blend, or that cozy blanket. Whatever it may be, make sure you have it.

Whether you’re a vacation pro or you’re taking your first trip in a while, a list of essentials is never a bad idea. Of course, your first item of business is to book your vacation rental with Vacay Hill Country! Check out our properties to book your home away from home today!