There are some parts of the U.S. that are just brutal during the winter. The frigid temperatures and dreary weather can make wintertime one of the toughest parts of the year. In the Texas Hill Country, however, January and February can boast some of the most gorgeous weather of the year, making it the perfect vacation spot any time, for anyone. Here, there is always something to do, even in the winter. If you’re planning a vacation to the Hill Country before Spring, here are a few things to include on your itinerary during your stay.

Enjoy a Night By The Fire

Fire pits are popular here in the Texas Hill Country, as they should be. Nighttime weather is perfect this side of the Lonestar state making nights around the fire the perfect spot for gathering with family and friends, laughing, and making memories. At Vacay Hill Country, we manage several properties that feature gorgeous fire pits and plenty of seating, with sweeping views to add to the ambiance.

Take a Dip in The Hot Tub

Texas Winter Vacation Rental | Vacay Hill Country

Let’s face it, in Texas, there aren’t many opportunities throughout the year to enjoy some nice, relaxing time in the hot tub. Summers can be rough and a splash pool is the place to be during the hot months. But in the winter, the weather is cold enough for a dip in the hot tub yet not too cold it’ll make it impossible to get out of it.  If you’re visiting the Hill Country during our short winter months, check out our hot tub properties to find your ideal vacation rental.

Soak in The Beauty of The Hill Country With a Hike

The Hill Country is known for its gorgeous scenery, and part of the beautiful scenery includes hiking trails that offer a great way to absorb the surroundings provided by your Hill Country getaway. The summers can be a little warm for hiking but from December to March, the weather is perfect to enjoy the outdoors. Canyon Lake and Wimberley offer some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Texas so if you’re spending your winter vacation in the Texas Hill Country, be sure to bring some comfy hiking shoes!

Go On a Good Ol’ Fashioned Picnic

The Texas Hill Country is ideal for the outdoorsy. With different outdoor activities to participate in all year round, you can’t go wrong with planning your vacation in our gorgeous part of the world. Texas winters are perfect for enjoying everything that doesn’t involve water recreation, and one of those things is having a nice picnic at any of the conveniently located parks in New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, and Wimberley. It’s the perfect time of year to take your meal outside and make memories with family and friends!

At Vacay Hill Country, we manage a variety of vacation rental properties that offer access to the best wintertime activities the area has to offer. Explore our properties today to find your perfect vacation rental for your Hill Country getaway!