It’s easy to see why the vacation rental business is booming. With the convenience and home-away-from-home feel that vacation rental homes provide, they’re an obvious choice getaway spot for vacationers. If you’re new to owning a vacation rental and are preparing to list it for rent, let these tips influence your vacation home decor and help create picturesque scenes your guests will be excited to experience in person.

Less is More
Homeowners are advised to declutter their Hill Country vacation rental homes of nick-nacks and bulky or too much furniture. The approach for preparing your home for short-term rentals is similar to the steps a homeowner would take if selling a home. We want to create a clean and uncluttered appearance to ensure each room photographs well. Keep countertops and tabletops relatively free of items and avoid packing a room with big or too much furniture.

Remove Personal Effects and Family Photos 
Having too many family photos in a rental home will make a guest feel uncomfortable as though they are intruding. Therefore, we suggest removing the wall of family photos and pictures on nightstands. That said, leaving one family photo in the home is appropriate to remind renters that this is a personal vacation home owned, used, and loved by someone and their family. While most renters are courteous and respectful of personal items left by the homeowner, we always recommend removing items of sentimental or monetary value. While it is your home, you want the guests to feel welcomed and comfortable.  Feelings of comfort and coziness can be imparted through a warm throw blanket over a couch, unique wall hangings, or a bottle of wine left for a guest.

Updated and Modern Interiors
Updated and modern interior finishes and furnishings photograph beautifully and attract more guests. Homeowners that invest in bathroom and kitchen remodels will see a return on their investment in the form of a higher nightly rent and increased occupancy. Understanding that not all homeowners can afford a full remodel, we recommend having a simple and minimalistic approach to design and decor. It is easy to maintain and any homeowner can take steps towards this concept. We also recommend neutral paint, window coverings, and beddings, as well as throwing in fun accents to reflect the geographical area (a framed vintage ski poster, animal print pillow, etc.).

Stay in Your Home As a Guest
Outfitting a rental home with necessary and everyday items is essential for ensuring a pleasant guest stay and building great reviews! Stay in your home for a least 2 nights and use it as a guest would before it goes into a rental program – cook meals, spend time with your family playing games and watching movies, sleep in the beds, and do laundry. Find out what works and what doesn’t work, and make changes to ensure a favorable guest experience!

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